Israeli/Georgian Baby Killers

In the summer of 08 the Georgian president carried out a surprise attack on the break away region of Ossetia  . 

The other breakaway region is .

Over 2,000 chilren, women and men– all unarmed civilians were murdered. Many while they slept as the attack began unannounced. Apparently Israel watched and thought that the massacre of the innocent and unarmed is simply an inconvenience on the way to establishing a political goal. Or is the real truth the genocide of possible future Hamas operatives? Be my guest as to which is the real truth. The more than 1,000 death toll of babies, children/320+ and civilian women and men mounts.

There is no such thing as getting away with massacre. What man cannot correct, God, the Universe will balance and give lessons. You are not more wise, nor more powerful than the Almighty–contrary to what your media has to say about it.

Regardless as to the degree to which the Israeli government owns and operates the West, and enjoys the illusion of cold-blooded killing with impunity, God, I guarantee will repay all such plagues.

You, the cowardly politicians, greed mongers and ugly soldiers without conscience,  are evil and a plague on the earth. In  a few years, according to those schooled in the progression of the Universe, all such people will inherit their own bullshit place, while the better among us move to a finer place, reality. 2012 to be precise.

I watched the UN vote about the Gaza ceasefire. Condolessa Lice, happy to kiss the Israeli ass who sat, puppet master of the US directly beside her, abstained support of an immediate ceasefire.

What a grand surprise. Who would have dreamed this possible from a country which masterminded the massacre of its own people in the now infamous 911? The same place which tortures and detains without legal council or trial. The same place which gave us the world’s gold medal performance in baby killing as well as  the innocent and unarmed via Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

And George, too stupid to be president, Bush has the audacity to refer to the axis of evil. What? Or more correctly WTF?

Only one time a US president was not Skull and Crossbones. The Illuminati Bilderburgs funded both sides of  WWII in the bid to take Russia and its massive resources. The longtime Holy Grail of the Sect of Evil. 40,000,000 dead Russsians won the war while the US pres refused calls from Russia to set up a Southern front to squeeze the Nazi’s who were massacring millions upon millions of Russians.

Always on the lookout for sacred secrets of power the Evil Sects. The real reason, by the way for the US attack on Iraq was to obtain some power device given to the Iraqi dictator by Kadafi when he saw invasion when he held this device. Calling it a war and search for WMD is something only an American would believe.

The closing comment is to make a simple point. Such evil SOB’s are not about the obvious political play on the table today. They seek to become Gods of power who own and operate the earth. They believe that Satan is the true power and that God is a dead illusion. How can souls be so lost, so inconceiveably stupid? Just plain f))king lunatics a@@holes. But what do you expect from the likes of those who perform human sacrifices in a bid to win a presidency as its their belief that absorbing the potent lifeforce of a newborn will somehow translate to public charisma and political magnetism. Do your research. Remember to ignore the Free Mason press when you do.

You–the truly morally bankrupt–will never take Russia, by the way. All such Secret Society plans, never broadcast in the West, are regulary broadcast here. The jig is up on this idea of behind the scenes takeover maneuvers in their ongoing bid to takeover Russia.

Whether the Mongols, the Tartars, the Swedes, Napoleon or the Nazi’s. God has special plans for Russia and protects it against all such historical takeover bids.

In the meantime the Israeli owned and operated West marches on drunk with the fascade of power.

Take special note that baby killing is not a part of Russian military protocol.

God bless Russia.


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