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Marriage and Russian Women

April 27, 2009

Marriage for any man is not so good an idea. It makes life complicated legally and financially. Marriage is no guarantee of love. This is men’s primary fatal relationship perception flaw.

Women, all women, get married for reasons which don’t parallel ours insofar as expectations.

For a man, marriage is much more final. He relinquishes his little black book thinking. Stopping his ways of being the hunter, to being the provider of the one.

For the woman, it’s much, much different. As much as any woman can deny that they put their little black book away, and yes, it is true in many cases, nonetheless, they are much more able to shift out of the union in “God’s Eyes” than any man can ever be.


Because in early life they go through their several or many “emotional” divorces with men, in or out of marriage. They are heavily invested in their first relationships while we’re still sowing our wild oats and trying out anything in a dress. “How could he do this to me?”, says she before marriage in our typical 20’s as men. This changes to, “How could she do this to me?, says he after marriage, generally in their 30’s. 70% of all post 30’s infidelities and divorces happen due to women.

Let’s call them the Dirty Thirties. Usually this women’s stage of sowing wild oats occurs most strongly between 30 and 44. Menopause seems to settle them down again. You could consider it their eggs calling out to survive in any way possible.

You should have heard by now about how women can prefer a more or less macho man depending on her menstrual cycle. The more close to ovulation the more she seeks the purely sexual, cavalier man. The further away from this part of her cycle, the more domestic become her needs from a man. The Mr. Home seeker.

So. What’s to do about this?

Simple. Don’t ever marry. Steadfastly refuse to get married. Even if it’s end game women’s bullshit. Let them go. Because if the ultimatum is marriage or they’ll go, then it’ll happen anyways.

Marriage is a symptom of a woman hoping that this bullshit social event will effectively stop their fear that they are losing their emotional attachment to their man. Additionally, marriage is for a woman as simple sex is for a man in his 20’s. A simple social, personal challenge-indicator.

A man’s inner voice, “I wonder if I can get her into bed.”, in his 20’s becomes her, “I wonder if I can get him to marry me, in her 30’s to early 40’s.”

Do you remember why you wondered that your women were so angry with you after you bedded them and moved on with the slightest of ease? Well, this is the same for women, after they wedded you and moved on with the slightest of ease.

Women’s 20’s teaches them how to recover from emotional devastation. They are already experts by the time they make you think that marriage is your idea.

“Do I inspire men to give up all other women just for my breasts and vagina and female guile and allure?” This is their inner mantra.

Marriage for women is nearly pure ego. It is about having more in themselves than all your other combined options. Quite an ego trip.

There is no biological law that says that you cannot make babies without marriage. There is no emotional tenant that says that a woman determined to love you deeply, madly, passionately, can not do it unless it’s all on paper. Horsemanure.

Don’t get married get loved. And if you can’t get loved, get laid.

Lose the illusion that it’s different if the girl is Russian. If it, it being infidelity or emotionally leaving a marriage, doesn’t happen, it doesn’t mean that they would not, given the opportunity.

It’s biological.

Now armed with this simple truth, save your emotional and financial ass and find another way to get your lovin’ from your woman/women. Marriage will kill your life. Look at all the laws about divorce. Russian or otherwise. All those laws are pro-women, and not pro-men. Meaning, men cannot win and all women know that divorce can slap a man around like a drill sargent on speed. Meaning, women are more than aware that marriage and divorce favours them. Unless you’re one of the lucky 1%.

The Dirty Thirties Stage for women only stops when they get so far past their prime that no sexual man wants them compared to their more beautiful younger versions. At which stage, these same women turn to seeking the one. But only because men stop wanting them. And then the challenge is finding an older version who still has a libido which survives menopause. Unless, of course, you happen to be ED. In which case, marry your sister already.

When your woman promises to give you what all others combined would, it’s a boldfaced lie. And if you believe it, then your life will suffer for it. No woman can give you what all others combined can. Horsebloodymanure.

From a Russian/American matchmaking website:

“If you are barely making it in the US, the truth is that you’re not a better choice than the men they could choose in Russia.”

Apparently, marriage love has a price and that genuine love does not accept the vagaries of life.

In the West today’s pauper can be tomorrow’s golddigger heaven. And vice versa and back again. The assumption is that being lovable has a starting price tag which is irrespective of character. Why go 8,000 kms. to find a foreign feminist? The French have a saying which is, “There is nothing but love.”

Did you read anywhere in this post that I’m anti-love?

“Marriage is serious business for them.” Did you see the words marriage and business in the same sentence? Did you see the words marriage and love in the same sentence?

About 85% of all Russian women return to Russia after a marriage to a foreign man. Russia will have you believe that this is because their foreign men proved to be horrible. Translation of horrible, is the foreign men send them back after they learned that their loving brides were disingenuous; or when she herself decided to take her pension, translated “child”, back to Russia to find, finally, true love of a Russian man who really can understand her, while all, ex, child and newbie live-in, live off your Russian womens’ welfare–Western child support. Very often she will then give birth to his child to hold him in biology as well as your support cheques.

Russian men are not fools. Don’t be a fool.

Boycott marriage. Insist on love.


Making a Happy Life with a Russian Girl

April 26, 2009

Some pointers…

Stop obsessing about Feminists and Feminazi’s. Thoughts are powerful things. What you think about lands in your life. It is not impossible to find a Russian feminist.

Stop Relationship Surfing on the Net. It’s filled with the bottomfeeders that no sane Russian man wanted.  If you’re lonely or really serious about real, reciprocal love; then, smile at a Western woman, even if it’s just some superficial flirting until you can make the trip to Russia.

Nothing, no books, no blogs, no know-it-all Westerners no matter their intention, can ever prepare you for what you will see when you arrive. It can be stonecold bleak emotionally. Or it can make your heart explode with joy. It’s not just another country. It’s another planet. Stop guessing. Plan your trip.

Make a really good connection with a translator. If you do what I suggest and stay for a longer period of time, you’ll need her/his help to get a reasonably priced  apartment.

Better still, begin to learn the Russian language. Just imagine walking around with duct tape on your mouth in daily life. If you can’t open your mouth then nothing can happen. Russians don’t know English.

Go to a mid-sized city. Not too large as Moscow or St. Petersburg. And not so small that the pets are counted in the population census. You must have options for dating. But too big a city will make it just as difficult as a tiny village in some ways. Not enough local networks or longtime-based friendship circles.

Second visit or whenever you know Russia well enough; then you can make a treck to the smaller locales. Knowledge of the language will be vital the smaller the village.

Buy some Russian clothes. Or people might think you look silly, no matter what they think back home about your Western threads. Russians take clothing and clean clothing especially much more seriously than most of us. Get Russian GQ’d or the girls you encounter might not take you so seriously as you would want.

Plan to do something in your career there which will bring you into contact with people. Girls are people. Circulate and let it be abundantly clear that you search for a “good” Russian girl and love. If it’s simply a bad Russian girl you’re after then don’t ask. They’ll find you. Good luck if they do.

Don’t be shy about asking for a date if you’re sincere. Remember, there’s nothing more emotionally bleak for a Western man than to be alone in Russia.

Pick a “good” girl or your life will suffer enormously. Good girls are great lovers too. So good girl doesn’t mean goody-two-shoes dispassionate.

Be prepared that the moment Russian girls learn that you’re a Westerner, they’ll assume that you’ve got money. You can’t buy love. But yes, they’ll expect, that you can immediately support a family. If you need to work on your career before you can support your family; then please do it before you go there. They won’t understand “going on a ‘walkabout’ “.

In Russia, there’s survival; and there’s enjoying life. Don’t expect smilely happy faces too much. There’s alot of survival crises.

If you plan a life in the West with a Russian girl; then just be prepared that about 80-85% of Russian girls return to Russia due to cultural shock. Prepare for two sets of return tickets for her. Expect that she’ll need to return to get her perspective back again or she may not return. Don’t take the return due to cultural shock personally. Expect it.

Do not get hitched to a girl whose friends and family are a mess. It’s trouble.

Look for a girl with really excellent, emotionally and lifewise really well-adjusted networks and family. Her friends and family won’t cause such huge problems.

Beware of the Russian prima donna. They only love themselves and will think constantly about how you’re supposed to benefit their lives without input of their own back your way. Emotionally incapable of true, reciprocal love.

Pay attention to her job, what she does and if she likes it. Hopefully she won’t like it very much and will be much more grateful to you then for taking her from it. If she’s a doctor and you bring her to the West; and you’re not, then expect to lose her.

The West will Westernize a Russian girl. Ask yourself if all the trouble to import a foreign Westerner is really worth all the trouble.

Consider the wisdom of living and working in Russia. Possibly it will require lots of planning. But, yes, there really are a bunch of Western expats there. Russia thinks this is so strange, that often a television station will show some details of this strange Western/Russian type of family life in Russia.

Get really well-organized with your possessions and necessary documents. Never lose your Russian immigration papers.

If you can afford to support your girlfriend and you have a reasonably serious relationship; and you have the time in the day to be with her; then contemplate the wisdom of asking her to quit her job if she doesn’t like it. Russia can be a supremely romantic place to spend some time with your Russian girl. The more, the better.

Try to develop a Western investment or commercial interest of some kind which continues to earn while you’re in Russia until you’re financially secure and can choose to work or not work. Life is short. Love is its sweetness.

Russian girls are very, very demanding. They’ll expect much more from you as a man, than the average Western woman. Western women are trained to be self-sufficient. Russian girls are trained, socialized to be man-dependent. She will really, really need you for practical care. Don’t misinterpret this as necessarily golddigger. This is the number one area of misinterpretation between Western men and Russian girls.

Russian girls’ job is to take care of their family with the practical support provided by their men.  The practical expectations… Expect it.

Learn to enjoy travel, doing the tourist thing. These people love to travel. What do you expect for the natives of the world’s largest country?

Russians watch too much television. Try to wean your girl from it. There’s generally something much more interesting to do. Don’t let it rob you and her of real life experiences.

Whenever you hit a rocky part in your relationship then go somewhere quiet and remember your life back home. It’ll make you much more calm and put it all in a more grateful perspective.

In my opinion there’s absolutely no love like a Russian love. Like their friendships, it’s soul deep. Way, way deep.

You will probably never love another the way you will love a Russian girl. Can be it’s some kind of mystical thing.

To be loved and desired by a Russian girl is the rush of a lifetime. Walk calmly, as carefully as possible and pay attention to Russian wisdom. They are generally not idiots about life.

Internet Russian Women

April 22, 2009

This is what I observed while in Russia.

Of all the couples who were at our wedding reception; we were the only ones who were married. The only man who was married in the room was me. Not a single Russian man in the room was married. It’s been about a year and a half. There’s been a few births in that group of unmarried. Still not a single other marriage.

So, here’s the deal. If you’re a Western man who despises Feminism, then listen up.

The West is the most feminized group of societies in known history. This, of course is a huge mystery to Russian women looking for a friendly place to ply their own unexpressed version of feminism–Russian style. Alot of pent up anti-men.

The personal life history of Internet Russian women is a huge red flag. They know that they can entirely re-invent a past which the locals would not touch. And you’re just stupid enough to not see it.

There is no shortage of good Russian men. This is their excuse for looking afar. And they know that your ego is big enough and dumb enough to believe this huge piece of bs. “Only a Western man is good enough for me. All my Russian men are horrible.” Horse manure. There is no shortage of Russian men to make babies with or who would love them.

The nearly Universal social trend in Russia is for happy c0-habitation. Russian men are not idiots. They know well enough that marriage is a woman’s institution, designed to screw men. 85% of Russian men don’t marry and are more than happy about it. Children, no children. Doesn’t matter.

Marriage is money. Divorce with a child is a pension. What part of this don’t you get?

A child is 65% of your butt for at least 18 years. There’s huge profit in having a baby with a Western man. Nothing that can’t be corrected with a quick divorce at the appropriate time. For the Russian woman that is. And in the meantime, lots of time to look around for Mr. Next.

It is not 100% about this Internet thing. But in all my experience and observations in the actual Russian field, no good girl is ever thinking about the Internet. Ever.

Why? Because she is never without a man. A fine Russian man.

Russian men know instinctively the importance of sex only with the bad girls and love reserved for the good girls, who are also very likely much better at sex than the bad girls.

Russian men avoid the women with jaded views, the feminists, the bad girls, the girls whose pasts included or includes prostitution. In fact, one of my neighbours in my Russian condo, is, you guessed it, a prostitute. At all hours of the evening and well into the night, we could hear her telltale styletto heels clicking on the ceramic hallway tiles. She lived with her man. Of course. It’s Russia.

He’s the pimp who has the contacts in the construction industry. Lots of outoftown bl kasses who could’t buy a date with a Russian woman. Wait a minute. Let me rephrase that. These men must buy Russian sex. And yes, Russian men also buy it.

They’ll even approach women in bars and disco’s and suggest it. No time to play dating games when Mr. Happy is screaming.

Abortion. Lose the idea that Russian women are universally baby lovers. In a Russian church we saw a woman weeping deeply over the loss of her fetus. Another dashed guess by another Russian woman that her man was a good man.

Yes, of course, there are plenty of nasty Russian men. Just like the women.

The problems always happen when bad Russian women and men interact with good Russian men and women. Perhaps both.

Surprise. There are butches, bitches and tonsil jockeys in Russia.

All the locals know who they are. But your dumb ass loses its mind when you see a pritty face on the Internet. She knows that you don’t know that she’s a lesbian looking to establish a baby made pension, or who secretly wants to express her latent feminism in your backyard, world capital of anti-men.

Unless you have the luck of the Irish deeply imbedded on your butt; then the only way you’ll ever find the love of a good Russian girl is to meet her in everyday life there in the field, the Russian field of dreams. The lifelong love of one of its good girls.

There are no odds in the Internet. It is a dangerous mirage.