Internet Russian Women

This is what I observed while in Russia.

Of all the couples who were at our wedding reception; we were the only ones who were married. The only man who was married in the room was me. Not a single Russian man in the room was married. It’s been about a year and a half. There’s been a few births in that group of unmarried. Still not a single other marriage.

So, here’s the deal. If you’re a Western man who despises Feminism, then listen up.

The West is the most feminized group of societies in known history. This, of course is a huge mystery to Russian women looking for a friendly place to ply their own unexpressed version of feminism–Russian style. Alot of pent up anti-men.

The personal life history of Internet Russian women is a huge red flag. They know that they can entirely re-invent a past which the locals would not touch. And you’re just stupid enough to not see it.

There is no shortage of good Russian men. This is their excuse for looking afar. And they know that your ego is big enough and dumb enough to believe this huge piece of bs. “Only a Western man is good enough for me. All my Russian men are horrible.” Horse manure. There is no shortage of Russian men to make babies with or who would love them.

The nearly Universal social trend in Russia is for happy c0-habitation. Russian men are not idiots. They know well enough that marriage is a woman’s institution, designed to screw men. 85% of Russian men don’t marry and are more than happy about it. Children, no children. Doesn’t matter.

Marriage is money. Divorce with a child is a pension. What part of this don’t you get?

A child is 65% of your butt for at least 18 years. There’s huge profit in having a baby with a Western man. Nothing that can’t be corrected with a quick divorce at the appropriate time. For the Russian woman that is. And in the meantime, lots of time to look around for Mr. Next.

It is not 100% about this Internet thing. But in all my experience and observations in the actual Russian field, no good girl is ever thinking about the Internet. Ever.

Why? Because she is never without a man. A fine Russian man.

Russian men know instinctively the importance of sex only with the bad girls and love reserved for the good girls, who are also very likely much better at sex than the bad girls.

Russian men avoid the women with jaded views, the feminists, the bad girls, the girls whose pasts included or includes prostitution. In fact, one of my neighbours in my Russian condo, is, you guessed it, a prostitute. At all hours of the evening and well into the night, we could hear her telltale styletto heels clicking on the ceramic hallway tiles. She lived with her man. Of course. It’s Russia.

He’s the pimp who has the contacts in the construction industry. Lots of outoftown bl kasses who could’t buy a date with a Russian woman. Wait a minute. Let me rephrase that. These men must buy Russian sex. And yes, Russian men also buy it.

They’ll even approach women in bars and disco’s and suggest it. No time to play dating games when Mr. Happy is screaming.

Abortion. Lose the idea that Russian women are universally baby lovers. In a Russian church we saw a woman weeping deeply over the loss of her fetus. Another dashed guess by another Russian woman that her man was a good man.

Yes, of course, there are plenty of nasty Russian men. Just like the women.

The problems always happen when bad Russian women and men interact with good Russian men and women. Perhaps both.

Surprise. There are butches, bitches and tonsil jockeys in Russia.

All the locals know who they are. But your dumb ass loses its mind when you see a pritty face on the Internet. She knows that you don’t know that she’s a lesbian looking to establish a baby made pension, or who secretly wants to express her latent feminism in your backyard, world capital of anti-men.

Unless you have the luck of the Irish deeply imbedded on your butt; then the only way you’ll ever find the love of a good Russian girl is to meet her in everyday life there in the field, the Russian field of dreams. The lifelong love of one of its good girls.

There are no odds in the Internet. It is a dangerous mirage.


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