Your “Next”

Here, let me make this real simple for you. Women ALWAYS do their level best to shift from their main squeeze to their “Next” while their EX is still in them. Quite literally.

Imagine you’re inside your girl and you think that all is right with the world. Just like before. Later that afternoon when you’re away, she’s in your same bed opening herself for her test run of her next. When the girl is certain that her Next has wheels and constitutes a relationship with possibilities; then, she goes.

She may even tell you that she wants to move out for a while and think about her life. This is the extended test run. Very often this is to protect her conscience. Imagine what a slut she would think she is if she effs you then him, or her, that same day and later that night tells you she’s found a new man/woman and is leaving you.

All kinds of questions like, “How did they meet?”, “How did they get to screw each other and where?” come up. It’s these inconvenient little questions which stop them from doing all this directly. It’s a whore’s way of dancing around the truth.

If your exact same character which she found so charming before is now being described as horrible; then, count on it, she’s looking for her next. She needs to justify that she’s not really an opportunist whore to her girlfriends. So they all sit around singing Kumbi Yah and doing that sister bullshit thing consoling each other that she really needs to get away from your horrible butt.

She wants to test her Next while playing house. This is important for her plan of shifting away from you. If she learns that he’s really married or has another Number One; then, it’s back to you until she finds a Next which has wheels.

My point is very clear. Women always prefer to go from one ready-made, fully tested guy to another. Very, very efficient.

Can you do this? Well, first of all, they’ll probably not be fooled by the “I’ve gotta find myself and need some time to do it in a separate apartment.” routine.

So, you’ll have to connect it to work somehow. Women always love it when you’re trying to find a new way to earn more money for them.

Then when you’re sure about your own Next tell her the truth about why you don’t want her and choose her next living quarters for her. Best if you help her pack and take her to her family.

Women are much much better at protecting their vested interests and shifting to their Next than men in general.

So, you need to be aware of this. My best advice to you is to always have an exit plan AND TO NEVER LET GO OF YOUR LITTLE BLACK BOOK THINKING. EVER.

Meaning never stop testing the waters with who can be interested in you if your Now became your Ex when you’re out and about in your own day to day. Always continue to flirt. It’s a man’s best friend. Hire a dog walker. Your best friend is your highly tuned charm.

For most men the shock of being left out in the stone cold netherland is what is the worst about breakups. The women are very, very ready. And you’re not.

Stop being afraid of being called horrible names by your girl if she isn’t making you happy. Learn to ignore your girl while actively searching for your own next. Why?

The answer is between your legs.

For women the answer is in their freaking heads AND between their legs.

Would it be best if all people, all women and all men ended their relationships and then and only then began to look around? Well, if you’re a guy the answer is “of course”. Unless the woman is regularly being beaten to a pulp or something exigent like this then she will always want to start looking while in her present relationship.

I have seen this a gazillion times.

I have also seen a gazillion times men who end their present relationship before looking for their Next. This is a very bad habit. And you need to stop it.

And in case you doubt that this Next thing for girls applies only to bad girls; then, I’m here to tell you that you couldn’t be more wrong. Doesn’t matter, good or bad. They all very much don’t like the idea that they could be without another for years. Better a bird in the hand.

In places where their choices are limited; then you’ll likely get some obvious warning signs just because they can’t act like they’re still in love with you for an unlimited time. Just too irritating.

The sex becomes sporatic and the result of deals. They refuse to do even little things for you. Those kinds of signs.

Women love with a purpose. And when they’re not in love you have no purpose to them… except one—your money honey. They will become quite interested in your money to the near total exclusion of your heart and your dick.

That’s how you’ll know if their search goes into extended.

Always remember. Your permanent girl is only permanent as long as she’s making you happy and meeting all your sexual needs to your satisfaction. Less than that and it’s the Little Black Book in high gear. No remorse. No qualms.

Just Next.


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