The Two Extremes

When I think of Russian girls, I think of the the English literature quote, “When it was good, it was very, very good. When it was bad, it was very, very bad.”

Think of them as the two extremes of Western girls. If they are a golddigger, for example, then they are world champion golddiggers. Five men not one for example. Seven homes in divorce, not one. Not just greedy, super greedy. Not just lying, deceitful whores; lying, deceitful super whores. And if they are good; then they are very, very good.

And then there are the good girls. These girls are not so often the extremes of Russian beauty. They will simply be all the way from quite unattractive, to quite attractive. But rarely ugly in the way that, for example, many Philipino girls are. So I use perspective here.

The bad girls can never be trusted. They are infidels, professional liars, prima dona’s, contemptuous, insulting, hyper critical and money grabbing whores who are not simply interested in being with a man with money. They want to steal it and have as much of it for themselves as possible.

The good girls are super romantic, super devoted, elegant, super respectful, super considerate and extremely helpful to your career which they very much need to enjoy a better life and lifestyle.

I met an entirely selfish cougar at 39 in Russia. Totally ignored her daughter of 20 now 21. Why? Afraid her man of 25 would __ck her daughter. So she all but disowned her good girl daughter and lived apart almost immediately. Smart enough to know that her boy toy cannot say no to a good effing. The cougar effed her husband’s best friend. Now he’s the bitch’s boy toy.

Perspective in case you think I don’t know Western girls…

My own sister is also a goddammed cougar. A ten years younger boy toy. When she was married she told me how she had to fight to resist her desire to eff her husband’s brother. Her freaking brother-in-law.

My neighbour in the West is not so attractive relative to most of my girls in my life. And she knows it. But she does know how to ask, “He’s a man. So, what can I get from him?” Doesn’t matter who is this man. Every single man who crosses her path is a part of her quest to be self-serving. One of her sister is a complete whore. Five DNA tests to determine who would be the lucky father of her third unmarried child at the ripe old age of 24. Imagine. Well, an even younger sister, a Russian style whore, would have needed seven DNA tests to determine fatherhood [read child support]. But she went one slime deeper–abortion instead. Another in a series.

In Russia, if you need to spend time away from your girl while waiting to re-unite; and if she’s not a good girl then count on it–when you phone her on her cell phone she’s possibly in the actual act of sex with another girl or just another Russian guy who wants to get laid. Just like her.

Hold no illusions about how special she tells you that you are. This is what’s known as a smokescreen, or counterintuitive. Just makes life more easy on the way to the bankomat–divorce Russian style.

If she’s a good girl then she’ll have a definite time limit in waiting. Usually 3-4 months before she throws in the towel. They hear from all their girlfriends that she shouldn’t continue to wait. Why? They take your work schedule as a sign that there are money problems. And the issue of their ego’s. They think that other people will perceive their waiting too long as indicative that their man is not desperate enough to be with her sooner, or in good time.

If you are not from Europe; then you could have a huge problem. The Europeans are very often a simple train ride away–both to and from.

Canadians are especially at a disadvantage. The Americans still have the Fiance Visa which gets her to them relatively soon. In Canada, they also have now a special squadron of feminazi’s who inspect all relationships where the girl is more than 5 years younger. You have to also marry in Russia or spend at least 12 months living with them in order to qualify to bring them over. The Secret Society controlled West doesn’t like Russia’s good girls. The bad girls are their smokescreen to try to simultaneously screen out the good girls who are the polar opposite of feminazi’s.

It is critical to your happiness that you make a very sober decision about your choice of a Russian girl. She must be a good Russian girl, or you’re screwed. Entirely 100% screwed. My advice is for you to learn sexual Taoism. There’s a section which explains how to learn male birth control. No. It’s not withdrawal already. Use it until you’re absolutilly sure about who is she.

Learn to protect your assets. Not because money is the issue. It’s about protecting your power. Money is power. And so if the girl gets enough of it or is in a position to get it; then you lose power. She already has the huge advantage in child custody questions if you’re planning to do the baby making routine with her. And if she comes readymade, then kiss your money goodbye. Russian men would take her. But the problems is that she most often cannot take them. They are Russian, these men, and they’ve been there, seen that.

A huge assist in your quest for enduring personal happiness. Learn the Russian way. Live common-law. Cohabitate and keep your money protected at all times. And do it in Russia. If she’s from a satellite FSU country; then, consider strongly importing her to Russia. Russia’s future is red hot. The same can’t be said for the bordering countries. But if you can possibly make it in those countries; then this would be the best of all scenario’s–cohabitation, money protected and little choice for her in practical terms other than you.

Don’t marry. Live common-law. Especially good idea if you’re Canadian. And protect your assets at all times. Be aware of the 50%, 65% divorce rule–without or with children. Learn about foreign bank accounts, hidden investments and trust accounts until you would make it past 5 years. Before that you just might be her Western child-for-a-profit target. Russia has no mother’s allowance as in many Western countries. So tag, you’re it.

Any clues? Yes. A huge clue. How many children do they want from you? If it’s an entrenched number one; then you’re her sperm bank and wallet. If it’s any more than one; then she’s in love. It’s that simple. If she won’t budge from one; then, she’s planning from the outset to exit with a child-for-life pension and to present this pension to her Russian love who will be chosen all relaxed and take your time kind of chosen. She will only have one with you because she already knows that to hold a Russian man takes at least one of his own. And taking two babies to the disco with her makes her hunt for real Russian style love just a tad complicated.

If she steadfastly wants only one child then she’s a lying, cheating, contemptuous __cking Russian bad girl whore. It’s that simple.

Two or no deal. And if she already agrees to two; then, relax and kiss her like she’ll know how to return a genuine kiss from a genuinely good man.

Don’t you just love a good ending to a tale of two extremes?

You’re welcome.


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